Our needs in life are very simple, aren’t they? To move freely, to eat well, to share space and time with family and friends, to be valued and respected for who we truly are. To fully participate in a healthy vibrant community, to have a place to live, call home and care for. To bring joy, to find meaning, to love others as we wish to be loved ourselves. If we could meet these needs, well wouldn’t we be happy?

But unfortunately, it seems that whether we are rich, poor or somewhere in the shrinking middle, we can’t meet these basic needs. How is it possible that in great cities like London, Paris, New York or even here in Toronto, we are still unable to resolve these fundamental needs in the 19th year of this 21st century? Will we ever do it?

My aim in this blog is not to try to please other people by constantly lowering the level of sophistication (which is very easy to fall into for many, many reasons), but to take responsibility for raising the mentality, even if people might have to reach out with a certain amount of strain to follow it. 

It’s with that aim in mind that I wish to ask through each post, either explicitly or implicitly, how we can meet our fundamental needs completely (hint: we never can) if;

  • What we consider pleasant experience involves the suffering of others?
  • Something, while pleasant, is tied up with anxiety, since one is afraid to lose it?
  • Something, while pleasant, binds us still further to conditions which are the ground on which a great deal of suffering is inevitable?
  • We focus on the shifting, trivial and insignificant?

Instead, I’d like to experiment with things that are inclusive, bring us together, and not at the expense of each other. I hope some people might pick up on the positive messages, and the whole civilisation’s level of sophistication will rise with that.

Anthony De Mello once said;

When we suddenly flower, and bear the full fruit of what a human being really is, then we go out to another completely.

I hope we will realise this potential completely.